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Do new appliances need PAT Testing?

Any appliance under 1 year old should not require Portable Appliance Testing. However, the fact a product is new does does not guarantee it is without fault. It would therefore be advisable to complete any product registration and keep your proof of purchase from the outset.


A Braintree business, that manufactures and hires out inflatables, supplied a bouncy castle to a local school after a booking for a staff bonding day.

Unbeknown to the hire company, who did not carry out regular PAT Testing on their appliances, the brand new electric air blower used to inflate the bouncy castle had a cross wiring fault, which resulted in an incident.

PAT Testing in Braintree

Not only did the Braintree hire company have to compensate their client, but to add to their problems resulting from this case, they were also investigated by Essex Trading Standards, due to a lack of Portable Appliance Testing records.

Barry from BFR Electrical now carries out PAT Testing on all their existing and new appliances, thus ensuring the company has an up to date 'test history' at all times and reducing the risk of any further incidents occuring in the future.

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