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PAT Testers for Businesses in Chelmsford, Essex

COVID Update - June 2020

If your business is looking to go back to work after a long COVID break, the chances are you will be carrying out a risk assessment before anyone returns.

Of the long list of things you're required to do, cleaning work equipment and PAT Testing are included.

Luckily, we offer both services! We'll wear full PPE and come and clean all of your office equipment, as well as making sure all your office equipment is safe to use.

Call Barry today on 01245 355655 to discuss your requirements and get a free quote.

Because fires are often caused by electrical faults, many insurance companies now require Portable Appliance Testing or PAT Testing to be carried out before issuing cover.

If you employ staff, have visiting clientele, or use your own appliances at external venues, there is legislation to which you need to conform, in order to safeguard yourself and your business.

Don't run the risk of being prosecuted and sued for damages, if an accident occurs relating to any electrical appliance being used during the course of your day to day work - make sure your equipment is PAT tested on a regular basis.

PAT Testing Prices

Each job is different and the cost will depend mainly on the number and type of appliances to be tested, but BFR Electrical prices can start from as low as 85p per appliance. Call Barry on 01245 355655 to get a free quote.

Increasingly, as part of their health & safety, management of public and private venues in Chelmsford require all electrical appliances being used on site to carry a valid PAT certificate at all times.

The law says 'negligence is not an excuse' and furthermore, 'one needs to take reasonable measures to comply'. Regular PAT Testing is a recognised method, which importantly provides a proven test history.

No testing means no test history, equals no defence if the worst happens.

For more information on our Portable Appliance Testing & PAT Testing service in Chelmsford and throughout Essex, please get in touch.

Call Barry today on 01245 355655 to discuss your requirements...

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